Dance@30FPS Film Festival

Last month at the Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus, Filmmaker Mitchell Rose curated an evening of dance film shorts entitled Dance@30FPS. Audiences were treated to an eclectic collection of eight films, representing a diverse range of approaches to the genre. Two films stood out for taking on nearly opposite approaches to dancing for […]

Balanchine’s Serenade: The Ascension of a New Romantic Ballet

With Serenade (1934), George Balanchine presents a new vision of a romantic ballet—one that honors the influences of Marius Petipa yet strips away the representational elements of narrative and character, and brings dance and music to the forefront. Throughout the ballet, there is a tension between Petipa’s precedent and Balanchine’s new vision that is played […]

Spirals with the Body/A Circle in the Space

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s Violin Phase from 1982 is an elegant dance that masterfully compliments the music of the same name composed by Steve Reich in 1967. Employing measured repetition and rigorous spatial design, De Keersmaeker offers her audience an exhilarating performance that matches and enhances the power of the music. Reich’s score and De […]